From time to time Jim offers workshops in studio Dance Photography. These have been highly successful and  have attracted a loyal following. The workshops are built around an extremely reliable approach to the studio photography of dance and use professional dancers. Over time the workshops have featured many different styles including ballet, contemporary, contemporary jazz, aerial etc. The process taught stems from experiences Jim gained in the Lois Greenfield studio in New York.

"Thank you very much for the last three studio sessions. I thought they were excellent and highly professional and have filled out the portfolio with some fantastic shots ....especially the one  at the ladies college.  The dancers were amazing and really gave it their all . "

"Thanks again Jim was wonderful to meet you and thanks for arranging such a great training session, food, room, dancers. ..really really appreciated!."

Example images from previous workshops can be found here: Participant Images ....please be patient while the site loads.

 Please note that the purpose of these workshops is for photographers to appreciate the issues they need to deal with in photographing dance. Not all images will represent best dance practice (and in any event that can be a matter of opinion!).

Forthcoming workshops: To be announced

Previous Workshops include:

  • June 2009               Cheltenham
  • June 2009               Cheltenham 
  • Sept 2009               Cheltenham
  • January 2010          Cheltenham
  • June 2010               Cheltenham
  • October 2010          Cheltenham
  • March 2011             Cheltenham
  • May 2011                Jon Applegate, Cheltenham
  • May 2011                Cheltenham
  • June 2011               Cheltenham
  • October 2011          South Hill Park, Bracknell
  • January 2012          Cheltenham
  • March 2012             Cheltenham
  • May 2012                John Lewis Partnership Photographic Society
  • July 2012                Cheltenham
  • September 2012      Cheltenham
  • February 2013         Cheltenham
  • February 2013         Cheltenham
  • June 2013               Cheltenham
  • June 2013               Cheltenham
  • August 2013            South Hill Park, Bracknell
  • September 2013      Cheltenham
  • October 2013          New York Photographer, Cheltenham
  • November 2013       Cloud Dance Festival
  • November 2013       Cloud Dance Festival
  • November 2013       Cloud Dance Festival
  • December 2013       Cheltenham
  • January 2014          Cheltenham
  • February 2014         Cheltenham
  • April 2014               Cheltenham
  • July 2014                Tedworth House (Help for Heroes)
  • October 2014          Cheltenham
  • December 2014       Point Theatre, Eastleigh
  • May 2015                Cheltenham (Commercial/Jazz)
  • June 2015               Cheltenham (Contemporary)
  • July 2015                Cheltenham (Ballet) in conjunction with  Cheltenham Music Festival
  • May 2016               Cheltenham (Ballet)
  • June 2016               Cheltenham (Contemporary and Ballet)
  • August 2016           One to One tuition Cheltenham (Ballet)

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