Beyond Dance

A selection from a variety of projects….

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Calgary Stampede, Alberta, Canada

A Rodeo competitor goes airborne on the first day of the bareback bronc.

Fes, Morocco

One of the tanneries in the mediaeval city of Fes, Morocco. Natural dyes are used to colour the leather hides.

Alicante, Spain

Whatever one might think of bullfighting …it can be an extraordinarily spectacular and emotional experience especially on hoseback. An artistic matador is the ultimate dancer. In rejoneo horse and rider act as one.

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United States

From two of several wildlife shoots in North America.

An alligator with its young in the Florida  Everglades and a brown (grizzly) bear in Denali National Park.

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 DSC4054 sharp NEF.p


A lengthy trip to Japan has resulted in some fabulous images of that amazing country. Here is one of many photographs of the Geisha of Kyoto. This image reached the shortlist in the 2016 Taylor Wessing Portrait Competition.

 DSC5479 copy named r

The Himba

Another recent projects has been a trip to the Angola Namibia border region to visit the Himba people who even today maintain a deeply traditional way of life. This image appeared in the 2015 Portrait Salon exhibition.

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 British Columbia

Again and again Western Canada provides wonderful subjects for photgraphy. This wonderful photograph is the remains of a bear’s lunch. 

 DSC9817 1 copy named r


Another recent subject had been vineyards … in both Argentina and Australia  including website photography for the Wobbly Boot Vineyard in Tasmania

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A favourite subject for photographers


Part of the water wheel project from one of many visits to the Swiss Alps.

The Swiss Telecom tower on Titlis… in a snow storm, the sun’s rays bursting through the structure.

titlis-2 copy 2

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